Your Lettings Journey

Ep 4 - Guaranteed Rent

May 05, 2023 Your Lettings Journey Season 1 Episode 4
Your Lettings Journey
Ep 4 - Guaranteed Rent
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Show Notes

It’s a landlord's dream to receive rent every month without fail!

Perhaps you’ve heard of "Guaranteed Rent" before. And may have thought, "That doesn't sound like a bad idea!" 

Is it too good to be true?! How does Guaranteed Rent actually work? And what adjustments will YOU have to make to secure your monthly rental income? 

Are YOU okay with distancing yourself from choosing who lives in your property? And what happens if your tenant turns out to be a nightmare neighbour?

Tune into this week’s episode where Romesh and Rachel equip you with all the answers YOU must know before you make that crucial decision.

You’ll discover all the pros and cons of guaranteed rent from Romesh and 20+ years of experience:

🏠 Who chooses your tenant, and on what basis?

🏠 What are the risks involved? (potential anti-social behaviour by your tenant?)

🏠 Will your insurance and BTL mortgage still be valid?

🏠 What happens when you want my property back?

With stories, anecdotes and ‘stats & facts’. Tune in to be entertained and informed; whether you’re just thinking of getting into property or a seasoned Landlord.

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