Your Lettings Journey

Ep 1 - Current Market - Supply Vs Demand

April 14, 2023 Your Lettings Journey Season 1 Episode 1
Your Lettings Journey
Ep 1 - Current Market - Supply Vs Demand
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Show Notes

As a landlord in North London, how is the property market in 2023 treating you? Is the current situation with high tenant demand, low property supply and soaring rents, really the stuff that landlord's dreams are made of? Or are there risks and pitfalls that you need to avoid? 

Co-hosted by property professionals Romesh Muthiah and Rachel Circus, the ‘Your Lettings Journey’ podcast will make the complex environment of ever-changing rules and regulations that apply to property rental, more relatable.

In this episode, Rachel and Romesh will look at the key questions that landlords are asking:

🏠 Should I expect the same rent from my long-term tenant as I could get from a new tenant?

🏠If demand is so high, do I need to maintain my property at the same level?

🏠What do I do if my tenant can’t afford to pay more?

🏠When will the bubble burst and am I better off selling?

With stories, anecdotes and a few ‘stats & facts’, this podcast is both entertaining and informative.

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