Your Lettings Journey

Ep 2 - Evictions!

April 21, 2023 Your Lettings Journey Season 1 Episode 2
Your Lettings Journey
Ep 2 - Evictions!
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Show Notes

So your plans as a landlord have changed, and you need to ask your tenant to leave. This may be because your circumstances have changed or because your tenant's circumstances have changed, and hopefully both for the better. But it may also be a result of the kind of horror stories you see on TV, with huge rent arrears and anti-social behaviour.

Either way, taking back your property and potentially evicting your tenant, is probably not something you're too familiar with! As a result, the next few steps on your lettings journey may seem a little scary. 

In this week's episode, Rachel and Romesh fill in some of the blanks that you may have:

🏠 What is the process for getting your property back?

🏠What are the likely costs?

🏠How long will it take?

🏠How could you reduce the risk and lessen the impact?

With stories, anecdotes and ‘stats & facts’, this podcast will be both interesting and informative for any Landlord.

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