Your Lettings Journey

Ep 6 - Investment Returns - HMO's

May 19, 2023 Your Lettings Journey
Your Lettings Journey
Ep 6 - Investment Returns - HMO's
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Show Notes

The lure of extra rental income often drives landlords to ask us the question, ‘Should I invest in a HMO’ & ‘Can I let my house as a HMO’.

As landlords are increasingly feeling the effects of increasing mortgage rates, the impact of section 24 on their tax and increasing property prices making traditional buy-to-let investments increasingly tougher.

HMO’s are considered by many to be the way to increase rental yields and generate surplus funds.

In this week's episode, Rachel and Romesh will examine many of the important considerations you should look at with HMO’s.:

🏠 the process you need to follow to set up or buy a HMO.

🏠 the potential costs that could eat away at the higher returns.

🏠 the likely additional time & work required in running a HMO.

🏠 top tips if you plan to embark on a HMO investment

With stories, anecdotes and ‘stats & facts’, this podcast will be both interesting and informative for any Landlord.

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