Your Lettings Journey

EP 8 - Unmasking Mould: The Hidden Challenge for North London Landlords

June 02, 2023 Season 1 Episode 8
Your Lettings Journey
EP 8 - Unmasking Mould: The Hidden Challenge for North London Landlords
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Show Notes

Rachel and Romesh dive into an issue that's not just a risk but a rapidly emerging trend - mould! As a landlord or investor in North London, you simply can't afford to overlook this discussion. Your money, your property, and your responsibility is at stake.

We'll delve into:

🏠 The surge of mould issues that gripped the region at the end of 2022. 

🏠 How mould has evolved from a minor concern into a major headache for landlords and investors. 

🏠 The damaging effects of mould on both health and property. 

🏠 Why it's crucial to confront this silent property destroyer now, while the weather is good.

You’ll learn from valuable insights on:

  1. The Changing Face of Mould: Understanding how mould has moved up the priority list for the government and therefore for landlords and investors.
  2. Health Hazards of Mould: Examining the serious health risks associated with mould, and why your tenant's well-being should be non-negotiable.
  3. The Cost of Mould: Exploring how the treatment and prevention of mould can significantly add to your costs.
  4. Prevention Is Better Than Cure: We discuss the importance of spotting the ‘lifestyle’ factors that could lead to mould when the weather changes, and the importance of good communication with your tenant to deal with them. 

We’ll be back with practical mould-proofing changes that you as landlord can implement in a follow-on episode. 

Packed with riveting stories, key insights, and hard-hitting 'stats & facts', this episode is an essential listen for every landlord and investor in North London. Don't allow mould to become your silent, costly adversary. Stay informed and ahead of the curve.

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