Your Lettings Journey

EP 9 - Landlord Insurance: The Hidden Lifeline of Your Property

June 09, 2023 Your Lettings Journey Season 1 Episode 9
Your Lettings Journey
EP 9 - Landlord Insurance: The Hidden Lifeline of Your Property
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Show Notes

Think insurance is just a snooze-fest filled with dreaded small print? Think again! In this riveting episode of "Your Lettings Journey," Rachel interviews Simon Bishop from Let Alliance, a titan in PRS providing references and insurance services to agents, landlords, and tenants.

Find out what landlord insurance really entails, its importance, and the shocking outcomes if you ignore it. Simon uncovers spine-tingling stories of people who got it wrong - you won't believe what can happen!

Highlights of this episode include: 

🏠 The surprising repercussions of carrying the wrong insurance. 

🏠 The hidden costs you could face by undervaluing your property's rebuild worth. 

🏠 Uncovered: Insurance companies not covering benefits tenants - potentially invalidating your policy. 

🏠 Why ignoring policy documents could spell disaster!

In this episode, we're lifting the veil on insurance, answering burning questions like: 🔥 What if your property becomes uninhabitable? 

🔥 How self-insurance could be a pitfall in case of significant damage. 

🔥 The shake test: What does your landlord (buildings) insurance truly cover? 

🔥 Are you covered for malicious or accidental damage? And what does that mean for the deposit?

This is not just another dull insurance talk; it's a riveting rollercoaster packed with easy-to-understand explanations, real-life horror stories, and key insurance tips every landlord should know. Don't let intimidating policy language leave you exposed!

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Direct Dial: 01244 421 327

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