Your Lettings Journey

Ep 10 - Denny Adam: A Local Landlord's Journey to Success

June 16, 2023 Your Lettings Journey Season 1 Episode 10
Your Lettings Journey
Ep 10 - Denny Adam: A Local Landlord's Journey to Success
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Show Notes

Welcome to "Your Lettings Journey," in this episode, we explore the intriguing world of landlords, their unique stories, triumphs, challenges, and future aspirations. Where we learn from success and failures, drawing inspiration and wisdom from their journeys, regardless of the different routes taken.

In this captivating episode, we're joined by Denny Adam, a local landlord and seasoned property aficionado who champions a hands-off approach, viewing management as more of a 'headache'. 

Together, we uncover: 

🏠 Denny's main goal - is it capital growth or yield? 

🏠 How his ethical values shape his tenant choices 

🏠 The pitfalls of renting to friends or family 

🏠 How available finances influenced his property choices

With rich personal stories and valuable insights, this episode promises to be both fascinating and enlightening for landlords at any stage of their journey.

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